About Us


We Opened for Business in 2012 and are continually growing at a rapid pace. We buy and sell properties by trying to always create win-win situations for all parties involved. We are a company that does business with Integrity and have our partners and sellers best Interest in mind. 

when we started we only operated in the Seattle Metro area and now we are in Michigan, Ohio, and Texas as well. If our partners & sellers don’t win, we don’t win, those are the standards we live by. 

Acquisitions Team

We have an Inside Sales Team as well as an Outside Sales Team (Boots on the Ground) in whatever city we are buying homes in. We are actively marketing in many cities nationwide and our Acquisition Team are the people who the Seller will be speaking to day in and day out when it comes to buying and selling.

Typically a Seller will call us back from a Postcard, Letter, or Ad they seen online or in the street. We do also call sellers from information we get from Public Records. If for some reason you got a call or letter in the mail and you no longer want to receive any marketing just let us know by calling us and we will not call or mail you anymore.

How We Conduct Business Post Covid-19

During the Covid-19 Pandemic we dedicated ourselves to doing business as safe as possible. The safest possible way was doing everything virtually. Today we can and we still do visit with sellers and when we do, we make sure we wear a mask if asked to, and also socially distance if the seller asks. 

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