Frequently Asked Questions

How Quickly Can You Guys Close?

We can close on the average of 13 days but it can take up to 30 days or longer if we have some sort of agreement for a longer closing date.

Can You Close On The House While I'm Still Living In It?

Yes we can but prefer not to. If needed we can, and we have a separate agreement with you called a “hold-back Agreement” where you receive 90-95% of your proceeds and the remainder after you move.

How Do You Get The Money To Buy Cash?

We have our own cash, we have private lenders and Investor partners on these transactions. 

Does The House Have To Be All Cleaned Out First?

Yes we would like if you moved all your belongings out of the house but you don’t have to clean the house, just move your things. There are special cases we can talk about. 

Will This be Done Through A Title Company?

Yes we will do the transaction through a Title/Escrow company. All depends on the type of transaction and agreement. 

Do I Have To Fix Up The Property?

No you do not have to. We will buy it as is. 

What Do You Guys Do With The Property After You Buy It?

Sell to other Investors, Rehab and resell in the open market, Rent It Out, Tear The House Down and develop a new structure or if its Land then we will Sell the land or develop on the land.

What If I Don't Have Equity In The House?

We can still buy the house on terms. Seller Carry back where you can make money in the down payment. Give us a call and we can explain this.

Do You Buy Mobile Homes/Manufactured Homes?

No we do not but if the mobile home comes with the land then we can buy it. We do not buy if the Mobile home is being sold independently. 

Do you buy new homes (clean Homes) ?

We buy any home as long as it makes sense as an Investment for us. 

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